Anmol Swarn Jewellers : Jewels of India full episode

Mr. Mahipal Juharmal, Director of Anmol Swarn, speaks about his journey in the industry.

Anmol Swarn was incorporated in 2007 with their head office at Bengaluru. Mr. Juharmal started with trading of 200-300 grams category and with his hard work transformed the company that specializes in complete bridal jewellery. They are well know for traditional south-Indian jewellery and are very good at reinventing variety of designs from all over India to a south-Indian   The company has customers from all over India and have been into exports for past 3 years.

According to Mr. Juharmal, it is always helpful for manufacturers to have face to face conversation with craftsmen and give them a reasonable scope of creativity. He is a firm believer in doing business in an organised way as it helps the management to know the growth and results.

Anmol Swarn is planning to open their offices in Chennai and Hyderabad as a part of their expansion plans.


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