Jagannath Gangaram Pednekar Jewellers featuring in Jewels of India : Full Episode

Speaking to Mr. Anand Pednekar, Director at Jagganath Gangaram Pednekar Jewellers was a pleasure as he shared with us his memories, opinions and learning in the business.

The company started as a small workshop in 1967 at a busy street in Dadar, Mumbai. Over decades of hard work, good service and uncompromising quality jewellery, JGP jewellers now runs 8 stores in the city.

Pednekar Jewellers specializes in traditional Maharashtrian jewellery along with other popular genres. Mr. Anand Pednekar takes pride in preserving the Maharashtrian art of jewellery making through his brand. With the help of skilled craftsmen and technical stength, the company has managed to produce traditional styles of jewellery in the range of 80-90 grams which otherwise could be upto 300-400 grams.

The brand is very popular among its customers and its the customers who have been a major form of publicity for the brand. As a result, over a period of time,  Pednekar Jewellers have laid a major emphasis on customer interaction for its employees. The company has also been using Maharashtrian print and television medium for promotional activities.

What makes JGP Jewellers special is, a host of schemes and initiatives that are carried out to make their customers happy. One such initiative is Vivah Utsav, where visitors are offered services like styling tips and free bridal make-up.

On a concluding note, Mr. Anand told us that his primary objective is to have a strong hold in Maharashtra so that when it comes to Maharashtrian jewellery, Pednekar Jewellers should be people’s number one choice.




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