P N Gadgil Jewellers on Jewels of India : Full Episode

It was our pleasure inviting Mr. Saurabh Gadgil, Director at P N Gadgil Jewellers at the Jewels of India show. In this episode, Mr. Gadgil talked about the beginnings of his jewellery brand and the legacy and the values that has passed on over 6 generations.

P N Gadgil Jewellers which is one of the biggest jewellery brands in India, was established in 1832 at Sangli, a small town in Maharashtra and today they have over 25 stores nation wide and overseas.

The leadership of company has always been very clear over the principles of quality, transparency and customer satisfaction.

When Mr. Saurabh Gadgil joined the business, the challenge before him was to sustain and take forward the legacy, trust and goodwill of the company to the changing and competitive consumers. It did not take him much time to identify the gaps, lack of modern systems and processes.

Today, the company adheres to industry’s best practices in terms of business transparency, consumer interaction, work flow and reporting mechanisms.

Being a retailer, PNG Jewellers undertake extreme measures in training its staff for customer interaction, planning the store’s look and feel and understanding consumer behavior. As a result, they have kept iconic celebrities like Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit Nene as their brand ambassadors apart from carrying out numerous online and outdoor initiatives.

The specialty of P N Gadgil Jewellers lies in Maharashtrian and temple jewellery. However, they are now focusing on a fusion of various jewellery styles. Mr. Gadgil informed us that a major part of their future plans include increasing footprint in north and eastern India.


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